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Posted: Thursday, November 03, 2005

In Alaska

• In 1905, the post office of Gakona was established.

• In 1942, road crews met at the "breakthrough" at Beaver Creek on the Alaska Highway, where the roads met.

• In 1970, William A. Egan was elected fourth governor of the state of Alaska. Egan also served as the state's first governor.

• In 1980, U.S. Supreme Court Justice William Renquist issued a temporary stay, preventing the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Law from going into effect and the checks from being mailed. The stay was based on a suit filed by Patricia and Ron Zobel of Anchorage.

In the nation

• In 1868, Republican Ulysses S. Grant won the presidential election over Democrat Horatio Seymour.

• In 1896, Republican William McKinley defeated Democrat William Jennings Bryan for the presidency.

• In 1900, the first automobile show in the United States opened at New York's Madison Square Garden under the auspices of the Automobile Club of America.

• In 1908, Republican William Howard Taft was elected president, outpolling William Jennings Bryan.

• In 1936, President Roosevelt won a landslide election victory over Republican challenger Alfred M. "Alf" Landon.

• In 1964, President Johnson soundly defeated Republican challenger Barry Goldwater to win a White House term in his own right.

• In 1979, five radicals were killed when gunfire erupted during an anti-Ku Klux Klan demonstration in Greensboro, N.C., after a caravan of Klansmen and neo-Nazis had driven into the area.

• In 1992, Bill Clinton was elected the 42nd president of the United States, defeating President Bush. In Illinois, Democrat Carol Moseley-Braun became the first black woman elected to the U.S. Senate.

• In 1995, President Clinton dedicated a memorial at Arlington National Cemetery to the 270 victims of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. The Labor Department reported the nation's unemployment rate had edged down to 5.5 percent in October, a seven-month low.

• In 2000, four days before Election Day, Texas Gov. George W. Bush found himself being peppered with questions about the revelation that he'd been arrested for driving under the influence in 1976. Bush supporters accused Democrats of "dirty tricks," prompting a denial of involvement from Vice President Al Gore's campaign. Tom Connolly, a Portland, Maine, lawyer, said he was the source of the disclosure.

• In 2004, Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry conceded defeat to President Bush in make-or-break Ohio rather than launching a legal fight reminiscent of the contentious Florida recount of four years earlier.

In the world

• In 1903, Panama proclaimed its independence from Colombia.

• In 1957, the Soviet Union launched Sputnik II, the second manmade satellite, into orbit; on board was a dog named "Laika" who was sacrificed in the experiment.

• In 1970, Salvador Allende was inaugurated as president of Chile.

• In 1995, Typhoon Angela ripped through the Philippines, killing more than 880 people.

• In 2004, Hamid Karzai was officially declared the winner of Afghanistan's first-ever presidential election after a three-week probe into vote fraud found no grounds to invalidate his triumph.

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