Take care with Pocket Park

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, November 04, 2005

In response to Andrew Petty's Nov. 2 article on Pocket Park, I hope the city does its homework on the issue before it commits. While I would love to see a fountain or garden smarten up the area, I fear there may be more unsettling plans afoot. My knee-jerk reaction is that certain businesses are trying to persuade the Chamber of Commerce to make the park less attractive to the people who are now using it. The location of the park never dissuaded me from frequenting Hearthside Books or Fire and Ice (albeit I wouldn't call my appearances in a jewelry store frequent).

Are the plans discriminatory against the intoxicated or destitute? Is there currently a crime problem? If there are any problems, would the problems stop or just be relocated to less conspicuous venues? Are some people trying to profit by making other people's lives more difficult?

The city should scrutinize the various and likely outcomes before it kowtows to a plan to replace Gunakadeit's benches with stools, airport seating, bicycle seats or whatever else may be uncomfortable to stretch out on.

Michael Heiman


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