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Posted: Sunday, November 05, 2000

If kids could vote

It would be "Yes" to Bush, pot and wolves if teen-agers participating in an online voting project were the electorate for Tuesday's election. The 2,243 high-schoolers went 59 percent for George W. Bush, 28 percent for Al Gore and 10 percent for Ralph Nader.

The wolf initiative passed 61-39 percent. The hemp initiative was closer, 52-48. And the tax cap went down in flames, 70-30 against.

Muscle-bound delegation

Alaska is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of Congress, according to a political Web site called Using a formula based on committee assignments and leadership positions and adjusting for size, the site declared "Alaska tops in congressional power" last week.

It rated Ted Stevens the fourth most powerful federal senator. Frank Murkowski ranked 17th of the 100 senators and Don Young placed 26th of 440 House members.

When raw power is rated, not taking size into account, our state's ranking drops considerably ... to 30th place.

Political post-mortem

An Alaska state archivist was consulted recently by officials in Missouri trying to figure out their

unusual U.S. Senate problem. The plane crash that killed the Democratic candidate, Gov. Mel Carnahan, didn't take his name off the ballot. The new governor said he would appoint Carnahan's widow to the seat if her deceased husband won.

Alaska records analyst Steve McCarthy provided Missouri officials with the certificate of election showing Nick Begich won the 1972 congressional election over Don Young; the proclamation by Gov. Bill Egan declaring the seat vacant when Begich was declared dead following the election and calling a special election; and other documents.

Republicans in Missouri are now questioning whether votes for Mel Carnahan can be counted, as he is no longer an "inhabitant" of the state. In Begich's case, the plane that was carrying him and House Majority Leader Hale Boggs of Louisiana was never found, so he was legally alive on election day.

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