Effective Beth


Posted: Sunday, November 05, 2000

Rep. Beth Kerttula's opponent has tried to minimize her service on the Legislature's joint committee to study BP's takeover of ARCO. He apparently misunderstands the impact of the oil industry on Juneau's economy.

Members of the joint committee Republicans and Democrats successfully fought for a healthy and competitive oil industry in Alaska. As a reporter who covered the joint committee, I can testify that Kerttula was hugely effective in this effort. Republicans on the committee relied on her advice and expertise because they knew her to be trustworthy, and because she so thoroughly understood the merger's legal and technical issues. The success of the joint committee proves that what's best for Alaska isn't always achieved through a partisan cat fight.

I laud Rep. Kerttula for caring about issues that affect all Alaskans, as this merger certainly did. I wish more legislators shared her outlook.

Judith Erickson

Capital Information Group/

Alaska Budget Report

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