Diamond dreams

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2001

On Aug. 17, 2001, I had a dream that I was riding in a dark sedan in an unfamiliar large city. Buildings began to fall over, and I saw a plane hit a tall building and knock it down. One of the destroyed buildings contained mostly young people. My car mates and I were terrified. So many people dying, and surely these crashing buildings would crush us.

When the dream dust settled, somehow the only damage we sustained was on our hands. Our palms were pierced with skyscraper window glass. The roof of the car was intact, and the car windows were not broken. But each of us had a unique pattern of sharp inlaid glass in our palms. No blood. It was painful. It was also beautiful inlay. Shards of the disaster in each of us, and we had the sense that we were now part of a profound change.

High above the city, moments ago, this window glass had reflected marvelous vistas and urban beauty, and now the glass was palm-portable, and we were about to carry it into our lives. Hunched over my palms, the glass shards became diamonds.

This dream is not just for me. We are all pierced now and joined as planet members like never before. We need diamond strength for the road ahead. May these palm diamonds spread and lead to practices that lessen human misery and end the deepening spiral of violence.

Lin Davis


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