Massive roundup

Posted: Monday, November 05, 2001

I strongly support the commentary in Sunday's Empire by Cal Thomas, titled "Deport those who don't belong here." Some of my friends, who side with the civil liberties groups, don't agree with racial profiling and deportation, but things have changed since Sept. 11. The only possible way to drastically reduce future terrorist attacks, immediately, is to remove all immigrants (that are here on visas and passports from terrorist nations) from our streets as quickly as possible! I am a compassionate and caring person, but I'm not willing to sacrifice the safety of "loved ones" to avoid offending non-American citizens who could have potential terrorist ties. Their countries certainly don't condone all the rules and regulations pertaining to civil rights and political correctness. As Cal Thomas said, a "massive roundup" is indeed needed ... otherwise, it will be like "finding needles in a big haystack" as these horrible acts of terror continue on an on-going basis.

Laurie Tinney


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