School zone not enough to ensure safety

Posted: Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I am writing in response to the city trying to find a way to make the Stephen Richards and Loop Road intersection safer. The city is talking about putting up a school zone (blinking yellow light - 20 mph zone) there, which is good idea, but it doesn't work in-between the school hours. There was another fatal accident in that same area over the summer that wasn't during school hours and a few others that were fender benders. My wife, kids and I live near the area and go through that intersection all the time. I have seen a few of those accidents this year and most of them seem to be people confused about turning because they are not using their turn signal and, even when they do, they don't understand the people who are not using the signal go straight first because they have the right of way.

So what I am implying is CBJ put up the school zone and to make the lights turn green separately on the Haloff and Stephen Richards intersections. It might slow traffic down in that area a bit and keep people from being too over-cautious (which can be dangerous to other motorists), but it will also save money and lives.

I understand that the three-year evaluation is soon approaching; however, that is not soon enough. The Stephen Richards and Haloff intersection has been a problem since the lights have been put up, but I believe they are needed in that area because of the growing traffic. For the people who don't understand how important it is to use their turn signal, I also suggest putting up a sign that reminds them to use their signals.

Raymond E. Paddock


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