Everyone has the right to voice an opinion

Posted: Wednesday, November 05, 2003

This is in response to Ms. Hoffman's comments about the Empire printing Mr. Cruz's "inflammatory drivel" not once, but twice. While we don't agree with Mr. Cruz's comments regarding the accident, we must remember that even someone as clueless or heartless as he appears to be by his words has a right to voice his opinion. The Empire is being fair by printing both sides, so let's not shoot the messenger.

Even those of us who didn't know Skyler or his family have been deeply affected by this accident and we can't take statements such as those made by Mr. Cruz too personally. Some people just want to shoot off their mouth and, regardless of what comes out of it, they have a right to spew it. So let's just "forgive" Mr. Cruz for his bad judgment and hope that he never finds himself in the position of the driver.

Thea Nelson


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