Stevens acting in interest of true Alaskans

Posted: Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I would have to say that I am immeasurably pleased with Senator Stevens for once again representing the interests of Alaskans over outside influences.

Speaking as a lifelong Alaskan and the father of a fifth-generation Alaskan-born child, I am comforted in knowing that a particularly harmful tool has been taken out of the hands of outside influences that view Alaska as a vacation spot and nothing more. Who could better manage the natural resources of an area than those whom rely upon them for their economic and social survival? Far from being harmed by the anti-judicial review rider, Alaskans will benefit from these changes. The cost savings in litigation against special interest groups alone justify the rider. Unless you are one of the "Alaskans" that follows the tourist crowds here seasonally and then returns to where you came from, or have come here insisting on change in the way communities have lived for generations to accommodate your own beliefs, you'll most likely benefit from the rider being presented by Senator Stevens.

Although I would be hesitant in drawing any broad assumptions, it would be interesting to see how many "Alaskan" opponents of this rider had a vested interest in our state when Mr. Stevens began to serve us in Washington.

Joseph Adami


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