Gas guzzlers for Kerry

Posted: Friday, November 05, 2004

I voted for Kerry in the recent election, but I realized the hypocrisy when I had a huge sigh of relief over the oil supply to my three motorcycles out in the garage, after the election results. A consequent secret worry in the back of my mind is whether we are as corrupt and over the hill as the Roman Empire, due to our greed and dependencies.

I can only thank the Juneau-Douglas High School students for having the moral courage to vote as they did, and setting a sorely needed example for the so-called adults of this community and state. I can't speak for the rest, but I apologize profusely to the students for not having the moral fiber to set the example they needed.

However, if I stated that I wouldn't greedily be tapping into the oil supply like the rest, it would be a monumental hypocrisy on my part, so all I can do is offer my weak apology to these young adults from a less-than-adult senior.

Billy L. Davenport


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