Bush's lies relevant

Posted: Friday, November 05, 2004

It is the media's responsibility to report the truth, even the ugly truth. In the State of the Union Address 2003, George W. Bush told us there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, that we knew exactly where they were (Rumsfeld showed us maps) and told us he had no doubt they were to be used on the United States imminently. Bush went on to explain that our troops should never be deployed just to topple a bad dictator and the only reason for us to go to war was the WMDs.

The CIA knew there was no uranium in Iraq and they briefed Bush about it before the State of the Union Address. The 9-11 commission confirmed this. Bush has lied many times but that lie can be measured in corpses. The Empire reported on Bush's lies over the last few years. Though your tone de-emphasized the seriousness of Bush's lies, the Empire did a better job than most television news programs.

One could say that lying about WMDs is last year's news, but the troops are still there and the body count keeps rising. The families of the dead still mourn. The Empire does a good job of reporting the deaths in Iraq but every headline should include the whole ugly truth. Those soldiers died because Bush lied to us and many of us believed him.

Carl Reese


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