A younger Alaskan's perspective on Palin

Posted: Sunday, November 05, 2006

In a year of a governor's election, with so many different opinions and viewpoints on who would make a better governor, it is quite the task as a younger Alaskan, still in college, to weigh the viewpoints and positions of the two leading candidates, and make an informed decision. As a steering member of the recent Conference of Young Alaskans, I had the opportunity to hear from my peers many concerns for the future of the state. I remember hearing the frustration of those who wish our government would stop playing to small groups and big company interests, and would start working purely for the benefit of all Alaskans.

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I look at what we have had for the past 12 years, and I just get excited at the thought that we have the potential to vote for a very positive new direction. As a young person struggling with the notion of paying $250,000 to get into a Juneau starter home, I get very excited about a candidate that has worked in practical ways to just make living in Alaska more affordable. I get excited about a governor that has proven she won't compromise with the big interests when it comes at a cost to Alaskans. I get excited about a governor who doesn't view government as the solution to all our problems, but instead as a method to encourage us to make our own future. I get excited about a governor that is willing to look at education from new perspectives other than the famous "more money approach." I've been through the system; it's broken.

After listening to the candidates, and looking at their records, there is no way I could possibly vote for Mr. Knowles. Sarah Palin has already convinced me by her record that she is working for me, that she is going to bring new perspectives that have already proven to be highly successful. She is also the closest thing I have ever seen to a politician with integrity. As a potential future leader of this state, I look up to Sarah, and I am excited to vote for someone with the energy to take our state in a positive new direction. Don't vote for "same old-same old." Vote with me, a young Alaskan for a better future. Vote for Sarah Palin.

Benjamin Shier


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