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Posted: Sunday, November 05, 2006

The last thing we need in Alaska is for the governor to have more power, the Legislature less knowledge and more special sessions, and no time for the public to give their opinions. If you vote no on Ballot Measure 1, all this can be avoided.

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First of all, Article 2 section 8 of the Alaska Constitution states that the Legislature shall adjourn from regular session no later than 120 consecutive calendar days from the date it governs. It is unclear if the measure passes what affect it will actually have, because a statute cannot triumph the Constitution. Also, I know what some of you are thinking. If this ballot measure passes, then Alaska will save money. But we won't. The more we minimize the time the Legislature has to do its work, the more the special sessions will be necessary. The more special sessions we have, then the more money we spend.

If you vote yes on this ballot measure, it will affect our Legislature greatly and not in a good way. This ballot will put our Legislature at a great disadvantage. They won't have enough time to question or investigate the governor's proposals. This means there will be favoritism towards laws that might not be right for Alaska.

If you're like me and want Alaska to be full of sound public policy then vote no on Ballot Measure 1.

Karli Brakes


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