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Posted: Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Congratulations to newly elected Alaska Gov. Frank Murkowski and to Murkowski supporters.

Many, many people have worked very hard on the Alaska governor campaigns. Now that this is over, I'd just like to thank especially Moira Smith, for her work and integrity in leading the Southeast Fran Ulmer/Ernie Hall campaign. I've seen in Moira at all hours and days of the past two months the kind of work ethic, intellectual fire and love of Alaska that many of us can only dream of having in ourselves.

I've seen in Fran Ulmer a compassion and wisdom that is unsurpassed. I also get a sense that I won't see in other politicians the kind of bravery she's shown in addressing issues and speaking honestly to Alaskans.

Forget inferiority complexes and mistrust and the general lazy voting that is too much of the citizenship. Read a newspaper for crying out loud! The non-voters are the only ones I'm disappointed in. Politicians can't decide whether we're happy or not!

I am determined to work with the leading members of our government, which is vastly Republican. I love Alaska, and extreme party affiliation is silly.

Frank Murkowski expressed one great idea, I thought, during his campaign, and that is to work against farmed fish around the nation, and to market Alaska wild salmon in a better way. I'd love to be a part of this. Frank Murkowski said he wants to improve our economy and keep our fiscal house in order.

Let's get started.

Thanks, Fran.

Ishmael Hope


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