Local children wanted Ulmer as governor

Posted: Wednesday, November 06, 2002

If Juneau's children ran the state, Fran Ulmer would be governor.

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About 1,600 children voted in the Juneau Kids Voting project, in which kids go to mock polls with their parents on Election Day.

Democrat Ulmer garnered 53 percent of the kids' vote to Republican Frank Murkowski's 35 percent.

U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens won the kids' vote but with just 44 percent. U.S. Rep. Don Young won with 50 percent.

The children's vote in local state legislative seats mirrored the adult vote.

Children gave Democratic state Sen. Kim Elton a slender victory over Republican Cathy Muñoz, and Democratic state Rep. Beth Kerttula a big win over Republican Mike Race. They gave Republican Bruce Weyhrauch a win over Democrat Tim Grussendorf with 55 percent of the vote for a House seat.

Children turned down bonds for residential mortgages for veterans, but supported transportation and school bonds; disfavored a constitutional convention; turned down a legislative move by a 7-1 margin; and said yes to a natural gas pipeline authority.

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