Ban on Ephedra?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, November 06, 2003

I recently read an article stating that the FDA is planning a possible ban on Ephedra due to some negative effects such as heart attacks. I have even heard that some states have already instituted a ban on the sale of Ephedra products.

What is the rational for this? Have we not learned from the past actions of the federal, state and local governments? The best thing to do to stop the sale of an item is to increase the tax on it, not to ban it. See how well it has worked for alcohol and cigarettes. I realize Ephedra is as dangerous if not more dangerous, and also a widespread killer of the young, but taxes are the way to go extinguish this evil killer; no a ban (in case it was not clear, I was being sarcastic).

Written by a sarcastic cynic.

Matt Van Steenwyk


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