Paintball at Kmart?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, November 06, 2003

Couldn't you imagine it - a city-owned paintball park in the old Kmart? Turn all the lights off and wear night vision goggles. Pump up the heavy metal and have black lights. Create a maze of caverns back in the electronics and hardware area. Paintballs, the guns and all the accessories are top dollar these days.

We can start training our kids early for fighting in real wars, which in the future will probably be night vision and heavy metal anyway.

Hell, we can even have the army or the guard set up a recruiting station. "If you like splattered paint, then you'll LOVE splattered blood." We can get the whole community involved. Bring in actual heavy metal bands. Maybe have a senior night. Face "painting" for the little ones. We can even go through Don Madson and hire immigrants so we wouldn't have to pay holiday wages on holidays. Just a thought.

Bud Curtis


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