Unhappy with wolf policy

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, November 06, 2003

I am so upset about the plan to slaughter wolves in Alaska. The American people are so hell-bent on making money and at no cost to humanity itself. We continue to rape the land for more housing and more commercial and industry to what - make more money. Then people wonder why the coyotes, wolves, bears and deer are wandering through their beautifully manicured yards killing their cats and dogs, or eating their precious gardens or landscaping.

And the reason for this abominable slaughter of wolves from the air (after the snow falls so they can be seen more easily)? Money (because the wolves are threatening the hunting industry). I have always wanted to see the beautiful, "wild" Alaska, but I will not visit there if this takes place. My husband and I were planning on coming to visit friends in Juneau this summer, but if this takes place we will not come up there.

It is time to stop. They were there first.

Terri Anderson

Washougal, Wash.

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