Why trap, kill beavers for hiking trails?

Posted: Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Regarding "Beaver dams destroying trails at Dredge Lake," in Monday's Juneau Empire:

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Walking the trails in Southeast Alaska in tennis shoes? Oh yeah, I forgot the trails are hard-surfaced or small gravel roadways in the woods.

For years I have heard we can't cut the old-growth timber because that is where the deer hang out doing what deer do. But now we need to trap beavers from their waterways so we can "hike in the woods in tennis shoes" (I know the trails take more than tennis shoes at times).

But gee, are not the beavers doing what beavers do? I think so.

But then again, I am not one who takes hikes in Southeast Alaska in tennis shoes. Sorry, maybe I should have said "walks" not "hikes" in tennis shoes because these trails are covered with road and rock. Maybe if you want to take a walk, take it downtown where there are good walkways.

It is just really hard for me to swallow all this, when for years all I have heard is, "Don't hunt this," or "We can't open that area up" due to there being some animal that lives there that might be kept from doing their animal thing.

But now we need to trap and kill an animal that is doing its animal thing because we want to take a walk in the woods on a trail that we put in their woods. Remember, they were there first. Oh yeah, there I go using common sense!

Did anyone ever think that if we had not put the culvert in, it would not have been plugged, and the fish could have made up stream like they have been for many years?

Come on now, Alaskans, get over it and take a hike in the woods. Save walks for sidewalks - they cost us enough.

Let the beavers do their thing; it's what they do. You never can tell, maybe someone will open up another area so someone can put in a gravel hiking area where one can see animals doing their animal thing.

Rick Carter


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