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Posted: Wednesday, November 07, 2001

...for your contributions

There are many people, groups and businesses to thank for the contributions that made our Fourth Annual Juneau Community Women's Health Forum such a success. Among others who may not be listed, THANKS to: Speakers: Loren Kosinski, MD, Brian Cole, MD, Robert McNamara, MD, James Galloway, MD; Musicians: Mary Hymer,TJ Merry, Andrea Mogil; State of Alaska, DHSS/Public Health: Mary Diven (co-coordinator), Carolyn Brown, MD, Janell Smith; SEARHC: Joni Leet RD (also a speaker), Judy Neary, Cheryl Eldemar, Vera Zaborske RN, Kathy Capacci RN (also a speaker), Nandi Than MD, Tricia Vordrestrase MD, Sue Behnert RN, Brandy Tiger (also a speaker), Susan Hennon RD, Lisa Nicklow RD; Bartlett Hospital: Linda Wild RD, Don Novotney RN, Robert Chatfield RN (also a speaker), Janice Gray RN (also a speaker), Kathy Stepien RPT, Denise McPhearson (also a speaker), Martha Valentine, Debbie Lakeman, Bob Valliant; State of Alaska, Division of Senior Services: Mary Miller; City and Borough of Juneau: Centennial Hall Staff; Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute: Laura Fleming; Southeast Alaska Cancer and Wellness Foundation: Cynthia Callivroussi, Mike Miller; Alaska Health Fairs: Valerie O'Hare; Hospice and Home Care: Tessie Barril RN, Barbara Pavitt; Alzheimer's Association: Samantha Abernathy; Bridge Program: Heidi Passer, Jill Sandleben; AWARE: Sandra Reyes; Members of the Juneau Community who have donated time and energy: Bev Kelton, Gregg Parker, Shirley McCoy, Sharon Gaiptman, our emcee, Juneau Soroptimists, Janet and Hannah Hall-Schempf, Jane MacKinnon, Shari Black, Lida Travis, Deana Darnall ANP, Catherine Goodchild MD, David Miller MD, Emily Kane, ND, Jean Clayton, Jill McAllister, Carola Thompson, Charlene Schrader, Phyllis Kirkpatrick, Beth Belflower, Mary Lou Gerbi, Lin Davis, Michael Fleischhauer, Liana Painter; Miss Scarlett's Greenery, Jovany's Restaurant: Nita and Al Soriano, Rainbow Foods, Silverbow Bakery: Ben Bohen, Jill Ramiel; Jeff and Rich at Alaska Litho; Wells Fargo Bank, Foodland Superdrug Pharmacy, White Wave Tofu Company, Susan Christianson of Christianson Communications, Pharmaceutical Companies: Pfizer, Glaxo, Sanofi; Mary Szcaepanski (healing touch session) Seventh Heaven, Chez Sante, Bartlett Regional Hospital Cafeteria, Tenass Pass Shellfish, Curves, Perseverance Theatre, Rainy Day Books, and Fred Meyers.

It takes many dedicated individuals to have a successful event that benefits so many! Thank you.

Maureen Longworth, M.D.,

SEARHC, (Event Co-coordinator)

...for the educational experience

Special thanks to Kathy Benner from the Juneau Raptor Center for bringing Liberty the bald eagle to the Floyd Dryden Middle School Science Club on Oct. 24. Liberty was beautiful and well behaved. It was especially nice to have Liberty come to a 21st Century Grant after-school program because students from all the grades were free to visit her. Kathy was an excellent speaker and very knowledgeable about eagles and raptor behavior. It was a great educational experience and the kids loved being so close to an eagle.

Kathleen Iler

Science Club Instructor

Floyd Dryden After-School Program

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