Beating a dead horse

Posted: Wednesday, November 07, 2001

I am responding to Ms. Knuth's letter of Nov. 5, regarding helicopter flightseeing noise in Juneau.

According to the survey results, 20 percent of the respondents indicated that helicopter noise bothered them "very much." Forty-four percent indicated that helicopter noise bothered them "not at all." So twice as many aren't bothered by helicopter noise as are. I personally don't believe the choices "very much" and "occasionally" should be lumped together as was in the Empire article on Friday, that Ms. Knuth referred to. There is quite a difference between "very much" and "occasionally."

While Ms. Knuth feels there is a problem with helicopter noise, I feel that having 306 residents out of 30,000 say it is a problem is so small that really we don't have a problem, certainly not worth the thousands of dollars in taxpayer moneys being spent on it. This also reflects an earlier vote in the fall of 2000, showing only 30 percent of those that voted are bothered by helicopter noise.

It certainly appears the city will continue to spend money "beating a dead horse" until it comes to life again.

Peggie Gordon


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