Region V Volleyball Statistics

Posted: Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Final standings and awards from the Region V-Class 4A and the Region V-Class 3A volleyball tournaments held Nov. 1-3 at Wrangell High School. Both tournaments used double-elimination brackets.

Region V-Class 4A finish order (top team qualifies for state) -- 1. Juneau-Douglas, 2-0 tournament record; 2. Ketchikan, 2-2; 3. Sitka, 0-2.

Region V-Class 3A finish order (top two teams qualify for state) -- 1. Petersburg, 4-1; 2. Craig, 2-2; 3. Mount Edgecumbe, 2-2; 4. Wrangell, 1-2; 5. Haines, 0-2.

Region V Academic Team (combined Class 3A-4A) -- Emily Altland, Craig; Claire Blanc, Craig; Amy Gross, Haines; Sarah Bixby, Juneau-Douglas; Anna Capacci, Juneau-Douglas; Morgan Zidek-Ledington, Juneau-Douglas; Zeta Moss, Ketchikan; Jonnae Ostrom, Ketchikan; Cheryl Romero, Ketchikan; Serena Wild, Mount Edgecumbe; Sarah Caulum, Petersburg; Brita Lyons, Petersburg; Mamie McMahon, Petersburg; Karna Williams, Petersburg; Chloe DeLong, Sitka; Heather Hawk, Sitka; Margarie Kearns, Sitka; Amyee Oen, Sitka; Kimberly Uddipa, Sitka; Emma Endicott, Wrangell; Kristin Mill, Wrangell.

Region V Great Sport Team (combined Class 3A-4A) -- Carly May, Craig; Emily Altland, Craig; Keely Falcon, Haines; Shelly Sloper, Haines; Sarah Bixby, Juneau-Douglas; Devra Roberts, Juneau-Douglas; Zeta Moss, Ketchikan; Krystin Willburn, Ketchikan; Sonta Hamilton, Mount Edgecumbe; Ella Morris, Mount Edgecumbe; Brita Lyons, Petersburg; Anna McMurren, Petersburg; Kim Uddipa, Sitka; Chloe DeLong, Sitka; Ashley Pempek, Wrangell; Carly Seimears, Wrangell.

Region V-Class 3A All-Conference Team -- Sarah Caulum, Petersburg; Emily Altland, Craig; Meredith Akaran, Mount Edgecumbe; Jessica Lindley, Wrangell; Heather Douville, Craig; Lori Sele, Haines; Anna Enge, Petersburg; Karna Williams, Petersburg; Kristin Mill, Wrangell; Carly May, Craig.

Region V-Class 4A All-Conference Team -- Callan Janowiec, Juneau-Douglas; Anne Elliott, Ketchikan; Amy Neussl, Juneau-Douglas; Kim Uddipa, Sitka; Zeta Moss, Ketchikan; Kelly Baxter, Juneau-Douglas.

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