Business Profile: Lisa Ibias

Posted: Thursday, November 07, 2002

Title and company: Owner, Alaskan Dames/Gents Consignment Shop

Services: The Alaskan Dames/Gents Consignment Shop sells previously owned clothing on a consignment basis, meaning the store and the seller of the garment get a portion of the sales price.

"The seller gets 40 percent of the price, which is pretty standard in the industry," said Ibias, who has owned the store for six years. She is very selective in the articles of clothing the store sells, and rejects nearly two-thirds of the clothes people bring in.

"It's got to be perfect, pretty much, to come in here," Ibias said. "It's got to be in style, and in the right season."

Ibias said a big part of her reason for owning a consignment shop is the need to provide affordable good clothing in Juneau.

Alaskan Dames also sells new prom dresses and accessories.

"I get my gowns from a company in Dallas," Ibias said. "They're last year's gowns, so they're cheaper, but last year's gowns are good enough for Juneau. And I don't want to charge a lot of money for the gowns, because I don't think it's fair."

She finds new jewelry and hats to sell from trade shows she visits occasionally, or from Internet searches.

"I'll sell earrings, barrettes, whatever I can find at the time," she said.

Biographical information: Ibias lived in Bend, Ore., before her family moved to Juneau in 1982, when she was in junior high. She went to college at the University of North Texas, majored in violin performance, and returned to Juneau to teach violin.

Family: Lisa Ibias' husband, Arnold, has a business fixing copy machines. She has two daughters: Kylie, 7, and Alexandra, 11. Her family and her husband's family live in Juneau.

Quotable: "Our mission is to be just as good as a retail boutique, selling affordable, fashionable, good-quality clothing."

Contact information: Alaskan Dames/Gents is in the Airport Mall at 9131 Glacier Highway. The phone number is 790-3263.

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