Honesty appreciated

Posted: Thursday, November 07, 2002

A wonderful thing happened to me last weekend. I had purchased a purse at Gottschalk's several days earlier and made an honest attempt to convince myself that I really needed it, and that it was not too large for me. Good sense prevailed however, and I returned the purse to the store for credit.

Last night I received a call from a gentleman who asked me if I'd lost a black purse, with cash in it. I said no, but that I had a small navy eelskin wallet in which I had been carrying cash on a recent trip. He asked me several questions in an attempt to identify me with what he had in his possession. He told me he worked in the fish department at the Fred Meyer store and that I could come there the following day, which I did.

He showed me a large black purse, the very same one I had returned to Gottschalk's. His wife had purchased it, and found inside the small wallet of mine with cash in it. I could hardly believe that I'd been so careless as to leave money in a purse being returned to a store. I tried to give a cash reward to the gentleman who called but he vigorously refused it, as did his wife. Their honesty and integrity are certainly outstanding and worthy of mention. I am elated to know there are such good people in Juneau, and the world!

Jacque Weyhe


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