Why not drive friendly?

Posted: Thursday, November 07, 2002

I am in awe at the level our Juneau drivers have dropped to. Is it the fact that it is getting darker earlier and everybody is in a rush to get home? I would have thought that with the departure of the tourists and seasonal residents, the road would be less congested and driving improved.

I made the mistake today of riding my bike to and from work. I had two cars literally cut in front of me and make right turns leaving only inches before I hit them. Could they have not waited a few seconds and turned behind me?

Also, what about the drivers that feel the urge to get as close as possible to bikers in the bike lane? Finally, a driver decided to keep inching his way into the intersection so that he could turn right on a red and then started proceeding ahead, stopping about a foot from my bike.

Come on people, we live in an area that most of us only have to drive 10 miles to get where we need. There is no need to drive like Lower 48 drivers filled with road rage. Take out an extra minute or two and drive a little more conscious of your surroundings and neighbors on the road.

Joel T. Gilbert


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