Fulfill campaign promises

Posted: Thursday, November 07, 2002

Congratulations to the Republicans, who truly prevailed in the general election. We now have Republican Frank Murkowski running our state, a Republican-controlled Alaska Senate, and another supermajority for the Republicans in the Alaska House of Representatives. If these candidates live up to their campaign promises, we will see a good future for our state.

The Republicans also gained control in our national Senate and House, giving President Bush and his conservatives much more power to achieve there right-wing agenda. Now the Republicans have a chance to prove to the nation and our state how well they can maintain our country, from the economy to health care. I hope we see all sides contribute to our issues, and I hope the Republican majority listens to all sides before making judgments.

Although I believed Fran Ulmer and many other Democratic candidates could have been well for our state and country, I respect the millions of people's decision to put a GOP government in control, and I'm looking forward to the all-GOP government in state and national levels. I hope the GOP candidates will live up to their promises to make this economy moving again without taxes, because this was what made those candidates so successful. I also hope they realize that this budget crisis is real and as a state, we need to do something about it or our dividend and economy will be at stake. Good job for those people who went out and voted; we need to see a higher turnout in 2004.

Verner Wilson


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