Appalled at wolf policy

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, November 07, 2003

I am appalled by the information I have received regarding your wolf kill project. Your state is the keeper of something extremely special and that is the extensive wildlife area you are blessed with. I am shocked that anyone in the 21st century would support a plan to systematically kill wolves because of tourism hunting.

It appears you and President Bush are on the same side of the fence when it comes to the natural resources of your state, and I am ashamed that we, as human beings, can't see what we are doing to our fragile ecology. What I am hearing is that tourist hunting is more important to you than preserving the animals that inherently deserve protection in your state.

Here we worry about global warming, but neglect the land and the beasts on it. I don't suppose my message means anything to you, but I promise to never step foot in the great state of Alaska when programs like this are in place. It's nothing more than a slaughter. We've done it with the buffalos and the wolves and many other species of the Lower 48; haven't we learned anything from our gross mistakes of the past?

Laurie Swales

Vancouver, Wash.

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