Pondering what the electorate was thinking

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, November 07, 2004

What were we thinking?

Shock and Awe on election eve.

And I believe now that there are two distinct possibilities:

1. That 2.5 million more people voted for W. than they did in 2000, back when he was just dumb; not dumb and dangerous. 2. That they didn't.

The latter possibility refers to the questionable technical reliability of voting machines, especially those used in Florida, designed by companies with huge ties to the Republican party. Conspiracy theory? Possibly. But, it comforts me in a way. I would rather entertain the notion that some clever, nefarious right-wing lackey manipulated the voting machine rather then come to terms with the fact that a few million more of my fellow citizens have been duped and manipulated by this monkey's warped vision than in 2000.

My beloved country has turned into one ruled by zealots, blinded by self-righteousness and a dangerous misappropriation of Scripture. I would like to believe that Bush will be the "uniter not divider" he promised four years ago and reiterated in his speech this week. But already, the spin doctors are manipulating data to say he won the most number of votes ever in history. This of course does not take into consideration population increase, nor voter turnout percentages.

Is 51 percent a sweeping mandate? I think not. The puppeteers behind W. are talking about a broad, aggressive mandate for the NeoCons at the same time W. is trying to talk about uniting not dividing. True ventriloquist act, that Cheney and Rove.

Now it's time to really push that far right agenda. No more conciliatory gestures towards the more sane voting bloc.

So, my naturally optimistic nature of a more united America is morphing into a darker hope of a possible outcome. That the dollar will crash, and the Evangelical Republicans will boil in their own juices. Problem is, we are all connected, and those of us who opposed this insanity will most definitely get scalded, too.

Good God, America! What will it take for you to wake up from this spell?

Mary Noble


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