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Posted: Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Thank you, welcome home, Alaska Army National Guard troops

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The Fraternal Oder of the Eagles Juneau/Douglas Aerie No. 4200 would like to say welcome home to the Alaska Army National Guard troops, and thank you for a job well done.

Larry Paul


Thank you for your honesty in getting my purse back to me

My purse was stolen recently and then dumped in another location a short while later. Leon Aceveda, an on-duty Arrow Refuse driver, happened to spot it and brought it into Arrow's office. Nivia and Ami, who work at the office, were very persistent in trying to reach me.

I was thrilled that not only did they have my purse, but not a thing had been removed from it. I would like to sincerely thank Leon, Nivia and Ami, for their honesty, perseverance and kindness. Arrow Refuse is fortunate to have the three of you in their employ.

Rosanne Funk


Thank you for staging the identity theft seminar on Nov. 1

My thanks to Wells Fargo Bank, in concert with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, for staging the seminar "Identity Theft: Learn to Protect Yourself" on Nov. 1 at Convention Hall. As a semi-literate computer user, I worry about computer security. As I open my computer's unlimited opportunities, do I also give someone else unlimited opportunity toward my finances, my history and my privacy?

Laurel Johnson, Steven Brantner, John Brantner, of Wells Fargo, and Steven Larson and Ryan Butler, of the FBI, took 90 minutes to explain how to safeguard myself, and where computer daemons might lurk. They took it a step further: If someone steals my identity, how can I discover it quickly? Then what do I do?

I thank them all.

Kirsten Krone


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