Bear baiting proposals are inhumane

Posted: Sunday, November 07, 2010

On Nov. 5-9, the Alaska Board of Game is meeting in Ketchikan to review and possibly enact a round of proposals from the public and the Alaska Department of Fish & Game concerning hunting, trapping and the use of game in Southeast Alaska.

Most of the proposals are sensible, logical, common sense improvements to the existing laws already on the books, in an effort to refine and fine-tune game management and law enforcement oversight.

However, in the background of well-intentioned Alaskans' best efforts is a darker sneak attack by the Board of Game to condone and authorize black bear baiting and trapping in the Interior and Southcentral regions of the state by anyone with a license.

Our new director of ADF&G Wildlife Conservation, Corey Rossi, is behind this medieval proposal. This radical and inhumane proposal would sanctify black bear trapping for the first time in Alaska's history.

Is there not already enough inhumanity between peoples, races, religions and nations in the world? Now we are going to trap bears with baited bucket traps and inflict terror and howling pain on poor, unsuspecting beasts in the name of some kind of twisted, sick, inhuman game management?

I want to make clear I am a hunter who strives for a clean hunt and a clean kill. While it is one thing to trap mink and martin, it is another entirely to trap bears, sows and/or cubs.

This bucket trapping proposal needs to fade away quietly. This practice is too barbaric for modern Alaskans and today's world. This kind of madness Alaska does not need.

Joseph Sebastian


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