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Posted: Wednesday, November 08, 2000

... for performance

What a delight to be treated to a first-rate concert by a world-class woodwind quintet. The quintet, made up of members, past and present, of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, together with the 1997 Gold Medallist of the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, performed an interesting cross-section of chamber music. From 18th century Mozart to early 20th century Poulenc, with two additional lesser-known composers, the selections were a fresh blend, with something to please just about everyone. Each member of the group is an accomplished soloist and had ample opportunity to demonstrate his particular skills. But the ensemble playing was what chamber music is really about. The musicians gave a lovely performance and reacted well to the warmth of the audience. I believe everyone in the room was glad to have shared in the experience. Thanks to all who worked together to bring this concert to Juneau.

Deanna Mac Phail

... for showing support

I'm home and how great it is! I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for the flowers, visits, phone calls and especially the cards with your thoughts and prayers. Juneau is truly a very special place to live because of all you wonderful people. Your care and concern both in Seattle and here at home is way beyond words. So thank you and I love you all!

Jan Ninnis

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