Injustice affects all around the globe

Posted: Thursday, November 08, 2007

In a global society, anything that happens in any part of the world can create a ripple effect to impact all of us. Every single one of us can contribute to the betterment or digression of our society and the world, in general. Being silent or indifferent to global issues can have irrevocable consequences.

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This note is to briefly cover the situations of the Baha'is in Iran, the cradle of their faith. This faith originated in Iran in 1844 and promotes global peace and brotherhood. It is a non-political identity. Though Baha'is are the largest religious minority in Iran, they have been deprived of their basic human rights. The "Baha'i" name has not even been mentioned in the Iranian constitution. The followers of this peaceful religion have been prosecuted in their homeland from its inception in every conceivable way. Islamic revolution in Iran was not an exception either. Since the revolution, many Baha'is have been arrested, imprisoned, tortured, killed, shot, hung or disappeared with no trace. New plots against them surface, as one thinks things are getting better in Iran.

We, the people, have the obligation to our brothers around the world to defend and to protect. Unfortunately, we, the people and the media, have not done our share to investigate the truth of the Baha'i faith's claim and its teachings, which are believed by millions to guide humanity to the fountain of prosperity, peace and brotherhood in such a time when the world is desperate to drink the thirst quenching clear water of "justice for all."

All we are asked by God to do is to "investigate" truth, "independently and without any prejudices and bias."

Regardless of our conclusion of the truth, now and in this age, we need to rise up and bring back dignity to the world and against injustices.

Regarding Iran and the Baha'is, every single one of us have the obligation and power to demand implementation of human rights and to stop more religious bloodletting that is shaming our supposedly "modern" world.

In the memory of Baha'is who suffered and gave their lives, we have a commemoration at 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 10, in the University of Alaska Southeast Glacier, Room 221.

Mansour Sadeghi


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