Journaling on entanglement

Posted: Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sitting on the Florida porch patiently waiting the storm, I watch the bamboo wind chime cords tangle in each other, looping over and over in the brisk movement of the air, the same movement that will bring us our thundershower across the lake.

I debate in my mind, "Should I get up and free those cords from their entanglement?" I realize they will just go right back to another entanglement as their spontaneous activity, much like our minds, our energy flow and ultimately our behavior. Attracted in fact to the entanglement, so much that we sometimes don't notice the hooks there until the familiarity of the sinking feeling or the movement in whatever way we are pulled takes us when we give in to the age old patterns well rutted in our souls, in our structural frameworks.

This is why I like energy healing. It's kind of like a rerouting on the GPS map of life, which reopens the already existing but long ago blocked pathways in our energy field. So the result is like the refreshment after the thundershower, the calm after the turbulence, finding a new way around the obstructions. Plus it's easy and people can do it without much effort or time. Effects are noted quickly even though the overall changes may take cumulative efforts, there is some immediate gratification.

I see entanglement in myself and in my patients. Our human nature is to become embroiled in entanglement again and again before making a change, or rerouting how we do things. So hard to change, at least we assume so, since some of the edges surrounding change are uncomfortable to painful.

Then once we give in and also experience the ecstatic exuberance of finding a new path, a new way, beyond the age old entanglement it becomes not only easier to notice the hooks ahead, but we eventually are repulsed rather than pulled by them. Now that is healing. Certainly not necessarily cure, but healing. And, it has a domino effect on everyone around us, so all of us become part of the healing and receive the healing. Relationships with loved ones, and with co-workers experience change and growth along with the personal growth of the individuals.

The blend is what keeps me going, keeps us all alive, that exquisite movement. The same movement that brings the needed rain tangles the bamboo music. Is any of it bad? Not at all. Will the momentum inconvenience us? Possibly. The directions of the change take us to places we don't want to go? Maybe.

It's a gamble, a crapshoot. Life is like that. Disease is like that. Treatment is like that. Healing is like that. But even cooking dinner is like that.

You have the hooks pulling the old way and you have the momentum trying so hard to force you other ways. We feel the pulls. We feel the atmosphere of the unseen directions looming out there. And we have no idea really what we will encounter. What we experience will be different at this moment than at any other. So every time, whether we follow the hook or the "other" forces, we again encounter both uncertainty and a fresh beginning.

As we get in the thick of our darkest season it can be a time of rich personal growth using these methods for self-healing. Sometimes in the less busy darker season we notice our entanglements and that provides more motivation to change ourselves in ways that align more with our deepest values and beliefs, beyond habit and entanglement.

That's why whatever the healing path, just being astutely aware and present can be valuable input on the journey - and part of the healing itself.

Living consciously, using meditation or any of the energy healing modalities like yoga, energy balancing, tai chi and other techniques has been shown to impact health and well being with huge advantage when dealing with any illness or with stress and life management including preventing of diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure and controlling mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Even journal writing helps with many conditions, including weight loss. Writing down everything we eat, simply journaling, can help.

Here in Juneau we are rich with teachers and health practitioners offering an array of choices we can use for our personal healing. So if your personal wind chime entanglement needs rerouting there are many ways to open up the blockages and find your way back to the rich music of life, which is naturally there for you right alongside the entanglement.

• Maureen Longworth is a family physician certified in holistic medicine. She owns Alaska Holistic Family Medicine and also offers women's health clinics at Southeast Medical Clinic.

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