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Posted: Friday, November 09, 2001

As if we don't have enough leftists sharing, caring and being frightened here in Juneau already, we can thank the Jesuits for importing one more, in the form of My Turn writer Jackie Forster and her heart.

Ms. Forster (at least I assume it's a "Ms.") first trucks out the new leftist orthodoxy regarding the events of Sept. 11, that while it was a terrible thing, it was no more terrible than the things the United States routinely does around the world. With that out of the way, Ms. Forster then, for some reason, rails against the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, a military training school in Georgia whose students are officers in the armed forces of Latin American nations.

This school, from what I've read, has worked hard to include human rights training within its curriculum. True, some graduates of the school have been involved in past atrocities. But that can be said for graduates of many colleges and universities, including, possibly, graduates of whatever small liberal arts college Ms. Forster is no doubt on leave from whilst "volunteering" here amongst the proletariat in the Alaskan wilderness.

I find it interesting that the likes of Ms. Forster routinely fail to include the "lend lease" program in their list of ways America has supported human-rights-trampling dictators in the past. The atrocities of the Soviet Red Army and Marshal Stalin clearly top the penny-ante actions of those cited by Ms. Forster. (In El Salvador, an archbishop was murdered, in Russia an entire generation of clergy was murdered.) Besides, it wasn't just the profits of L.A. crack dealers that were sent in aid. Rather the full might of America's Military-Industrial Complex that flew or sailed to the aid of Soviet Russia in its heroic fight against the Nazis.

But you'll find few leftists who have their "heart reminded" by atrocities of communism: Not the 10-20 million dead at the hand of Chairman Mao, nor the millions dead in the Red Terror of Soviet Russia, nor the slaughter of the Poles at the end of W.W.II, nor the millions dead at the hand of Pol Pot, or the millions near death right now in North Korea. Why, I wonder?

I no more believe the military school in Georgia systematically works to promote human rights abuses than I believe the Freemasons or the Rothschilds or the Queen of England control the world's money supply. Ms. Forster shouldn't feel too bad about not being able to protest in Georgia, since she'll now be free to "educate" all of us as to how the Mossad really bombed the Twin Towers or whatever the latest wisdom is from Berkeley or Bryn Mawr.

After considering Ms. Forster's logic, I wonder if Juneau's Jesuit Volunteers shouldn't stick to their more traditional tasks of "impressing" local socially-conscious teenage girls, keeping "Alternative Radio" on the air, and leaving copies of Nation magazine in the coffee shops.

Richard Schmitz


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