There was a more affordable option

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, November 09, 2003

Mel Adkins from Nevada comments (Nov. 7) on the money he spent coming to Alaska in 2002 as somehow justifying a road north. Actually, his comments simply bear out my contention that a road north can be justified by neither dollars nor convenience.

He claims to have spent about $6,000 on his trip, if you leave out his buying a truck to replace the one killed by the roads.

For that $6,000, Mr. Adkins could have flown round-trip to Anchorage from Nevada, rented a car and, at $200 per-day expenses, eating exactly what he wanted, and spent over three carefree weeks wandering in Alaska with money to spare and no wear and tear on his own vehicle. Perhaps he can give me a call next time and I will gladly tell him how to arrange that.

Erik Lie-Nielsen


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