Saga of the Phoenix poodle may end with homecoming

Posted: Sunday, November 09, 2003

JoJo, the 8-month-old scruffy poodle mix, lives and will go home, apparently.

A Juneau woman adopted her from an animal shelter while visiting Phoenix, Ariz., recently. Her former owners, the Shedd family, in an article in Thursday's Empire, pleaded for her return.

Louise and Steve Shedd have two children, Jesse, 13, and Zachary, 10.

On Friday, Louise Sumner Shedd said the Juneau woman called the Shedds' attorney, Cynthia Buness, who was named in the article, and said she would let the Shedds have JoJo back.

The Juneau woman, who has not been identified, had told Maricopa County animal-control officials that JoJo jumped from her car and died, Buness said Wednesday.

But Shedd now believes the woman didn't want to return JoJo because she thought the former owners might not have taken good care of her. JoJo had been rescued from the streets in Mexico and may not have looked to be in good shape.

"I didn't expect I would ever see (JoJo) again," Shedd said Friday. "I'm thrilled. I'm beside myself. It sounds like (the Juneau woman) was a real special person and is a real animal lover, and was concerned for JoJo's health, as well."

JoJo slipped her leash while she was being walked by an animal-hospital employee on Oct. 18. The Shedds were out of the country.

Although vet clinic staffers called and visited the county's animal shelters, they never found JoJo, they said. Meanwhile, she had been adopted by the Juneau woman.

The Shedds have said they would compensate her for the adoption fees. And if Louise comes to Juneau to pick up JoJo, she is willing to give the woman another poodle, she said.

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