Internet is more risky than the Hooligan

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, November 09, 2006

If your children are on the Internet they have a much higher chance of being exposed to drugs, pornography, violence, "inappropriate language" etc., than they do browsing the Hooligan. One simple misspelled word and guess what? Hard-core pornography. Unless you have taken the time to decide what is appropriate for your child and taken the proper precautions, installing Web filters, e-mail filters, knowing the Web sites your child visits, knowing their friends who they chat with, keeping tabs on their Myspace account if they have one, etc., I would argue that if you haven't taken these precautions you really have no idea what your child is doing, and you don't deserve to be an authority on how to protect children from information.

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Anyhow, if you have taken these precautions then I'm sure pulling the Hooligan insert out of your newspaper and throwing it in the garbage doesn't seem like such a big responsibility in the overall scheme of keeping your children "safe." If people are truly interested in keeping their children pure, they'll find a way to do it without taking away information and ideas from everyone else, unless their goal is to limit ideas and information to only agree with their own presuppositions of the world.

If people are so irate about the Hooligan why do they continue to read it? I know there are things that I don't read because I choose not to.

How would you feel if your child chose to read the Hooligan? Would you feel betrayed because they didn't make the same moral choice as you? Maybe instead of working towards censoring a publication you should give your children the tools to decide for themselves if something is appropriate or not? If you don't agree with it, you can skip it.

And by the way, if more services like the Hooligan were offered in Juneau (not necessarily publications), we would probably have a "hip" younger population (20-somethings) sticking around.

Joe Schmitz


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