Rep. John Harris is reaching too far

Posted: Friday, November 09, 2007

Rep. John Harris, R-Valdez, needs to do the right thing and hand the gavel over to an objective member of the House Finance Committee. He said just a few months ago he would ask finance Co-Chairman Mike Chenault to hand over the gavel to Vice Chairman Bill Stoltze to run committee hearings should the committee be considering oil tax legislation. Chenault owns a construction business that has done regular oil field service work in the past. Harris has flip-flopped on allowing an objective Finance member chair the committee dealing with Alaska's Clear and Equitable Share oil tax plan.

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Instead of telling Alaskans why he has flip-flopped on this important issue, Harris compares Chenault's chairmanship to Todd Palin working on the slope. There's no comparison! Chenault is a lawmaker considering and evaluating oil and gas tax legislation that will effect our entire state. Todd is a laborer removed from any decision making. Harris needs to own up to his error in judgment, and not blame the Palin family for his mistakes.

Don Benson


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