Outside editorial: Pentagon has bigger battles to fight than 'Playboy' at PX

Posted: Friday, November 09, 2007

The Pentagon has a lot of battles to fight these days. It shouldn't be bothered with a ridiculous spat over skin magazines.

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Ah, but published reports say anti-porn and religious groups are complaining to Congress and Defense Secretary Robert Gates that certain materials supposedly banned from military bases in 1996 are still being sold there.

A Pentagon board says the materials being sold are not sexually explicit. However, groups like the American Family Association call the material pornography, and are trying to get Congress to make sure the Pentagon enforces the ban on the stuff.

Please. Military personnel risk their lives every day to defend our rights, and yet some anti-porn groups are applying pressure because they don't want that same military to have the right to look at certain materials - including many materials readily available to civilians.

The Pentagon has better things to be concerned with. And the anti-porn fighters should find real battles to fight.

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