Sentence was right for hunting violations

Posted: Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Romeo was loved by many, obviously, but he is gone now. Was he the wolf taken illegally last year? There is way to tell. Does it matter? Not at all.

The man many believed killed Romeo was sentenced for his crimes, fined and put on probation, according to state law. If you want to call him a monster, or whatever, for breaking the law that's your right, but to say his punishment was light or the judge that sentenced him should be punished is just silly. Call a wolf by any cute adorable name and it's still a wild animal that kills for food.

Get mad about injustice and stand up for things, but let's do it for things that really matter. In closing, I applaud game management in Alaska. We are recognized worldwide for what we're doing with salmon and other wildlife up here. Alaska hasn't turned into Washington and Oregon because of the policies of the Alaska Department of Fish & Game. Need convincing? Count the deer you see on the sides of the roads or walk the docks during the summer.

Stuart Ashton


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