Ketchikan: KIC members disgruntled, plan tribal court hearing

Posted: Sunday, November 10, 2002

The feathers have been sent, Native tribal judges are ready, and a group of disgruntled Ketchikan Indian Community members is planning a Nov. 25 tribal court hearing regarding complaints against the tribe's management.

Carrie James, secretary of the Ketchikan Indian Movement, also known as We the People, said Thursday that several judges from Southeast Native communities have responded to feathers - petitions requesting their services - and have agreed to hear the case.

KIC has declined to participate in the tribunal. In a letter to Ketchikan Indian Movement members, Tribal Council President Charlie White wrote, "KIC is governed by existing and adopted Tribal law, and has a democratically elected council. Therefore, your request is not consistent with established procedure, policy or law."

James declined to name the judges who accepted the feathers, or the communities those judges live in. However, she said feathers were sent to potential judges in Sitka, Klawock, Hoonah, Metlakatla, and Tlingit and Haida Tribes. One judge declined to participate, she said.

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