An alien idea

Posted: Sunday, November 11, 2001

Regarding Cal Thomas' Sunday commentary and anyone who feels deporting either "all" illegal immigrants or just all immigrants of Mideast descent is a "realistic" policy. This proposal is neither realistic or moral.

It is not realistic because we would not be able to round up that many people without hiring tens of thousands of new INS/FBI agents. We would be spending millions of dollars and millions of man hours that could be used more productively in our defense against terrorism. Since no more than a minute fraction of immigrants (even Mideasterners) could possibly be terrorists, this is a waste of resources.

It is not realistic because some of the terrorists could conceivably be American citizens. Laurie Tinney "no way suggesting that American citizens from the Middle East be subject to deportation." Why not? Wouldn't citizens be more ideal sleepers?

It is not realistic, because like it or not, this country depends on cheap, alien labor, particularly in agriculture, and increasingly in high tech fields. Showing everyone the door would only worsen our recession.

Such a policy would be immoral for those of us from the Judeo-Christian tradition. Exodus 22:20 and 23:9 threaten the wrath of God to those who oppress the alien - something we would be doing to the vast majority of otherwise law-abiding, hard working aliens. I don't think America needs to alienate God more then we already have.

Finally, while neither Ms. Tinney or I have a direct line to Osama, I disagree that they are counting on us to continue our "American ways." He's made it obvious through his videotapes that he wants the world to view this as a struggle between America and Islam. Deporting all Middle Eastern immigrants will only strengthen that impression without making us noticeably safer.

By the way, I am flying Nov. 11, and am prepared to do my new duty if the situation calls for it. A life lived in fear is a life half-lived.

Daniel Cornwall


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