Don't drill ANWR

Posted: Sunday, November 11, 2001

How many times do we have to say it? The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a refuge. A national refuge. As an Alaskan and an American I care about U.S. soldiers and about our country's dependence on foreign oil. I care enough to make changes in my lifestyle that reduce my personal dependence on oil (U.S. or foreign). I actively support conservation and alternative energy research and programs. What I don't support is the despoilation of an amazing, beautiful, and ecologically important piece of our nation's heritage (and yes, I've been there). The Arctic Refuge is important to the Gwich'in Athabascans of Alaska and Canada, it's important to hundreds of species of animals, it's important in protecting biodiversity, and it's important to me and millions of other Americans.

Drilling in the Arctic Refuge won't stop the war with Afghanistan, will almost negligibly impact our reliance on oil imports (and not for at least a decade). Drilling in the Arctic Refuge will make it even more difficult for this corporate-run country to move toward non-polluting, renewable energy sources that we need to take the U.S. through this century and into the next. Destroying the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge should not be part of that plan.

Don't let our representatives scare us into drilling the Arctic Refuge. Let's stand together, as a state, as a nation, and tell them that drilling in the Arctic Refuge is going too far.

Julie Raymond-Yakoubian


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