Have mercy, politicians

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Empire has published two letters recently on the subject of intruding political calls. The most recent, headlined "A pox on their houses," was written by Greg Fox. His experience with these unwanted calls is similar to mine. The number of calls that I received from the Knowles and Murkowski campaigns was greater than that of all of my other calls combined. In most cases, the sponsor of the call was not stated directly. This cowardly anonymity extended to the rude practice of frequent automatic dialing of my number to see when I was home. When I answered, there was no response. Sure enough, someone would call at the same time a day or two later. Whenever I pressed the caller for information concerning his sponsor, he hung up on me.

There is an asterisk beside my name in the telephone directory. This is to advise solicitors that I do not want to hear from them. A friend has posted this sign on his front door: "No solicitors. This includes religious organizations." When I requested that solicitors not call my number, I certainly intended for that request to include political organizations. Why do these people think that that which they do is something other than solicitation - or that they are, somehow, exempt from such exclusion?

As did Mr. Fox, I called both campaigns and was introduced to the biggest chain of buck-passing and feigned ignorance ever encountered.

A friend had the right idea. He obtained an unlisted telephone number at the beginning of the campaign. We shouldn't be compelled to take such measures of inconvenience to ourselves. Please, politicians of Alaska, have a modicum of courtesy, civility, and mercy next time.

John B. d'Armand

Auke Bay

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