Axle weight limit in effect on Basin Road Trestle

Vehicles can way no more than 8 tons to cross structure

Posted: Sunday, November 11, 2007

JUNEAU - Vehicles weighing more than 8 tons per axle will no longer be allowed to cross the Basin Road Trestle, Deputy City Manager Kim Kiefer announced.

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Most regular passenger cars and pickup trucks will not be affected. Large equipment, heavy trucks and delivery vehicles will likely exceed the axle weight load limit.

"The trestle itself is sound and stable but the structural decking needs to be replaced before the weight limit can be increased again," Kiefer said.

The city imposed the axle weight limit after a recent Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities inspection determined wear problems with the structural decking. Engineers confirmed the general soundness of the trestle but required that a lower axle weight limit be imposed to account for the reduced deck strength.

City engineers are working to prepare cost estimates and plans for the trestle repair. Since the road will have to be closed to make the necessary repairs, planners do not expect the project to begin before the fall of 2008.

"We are working to secure funding to make the needed repairs to the trestle," Kiefer said. "Our best estimate at this point is to plan to make the needed repairs next fall."

The axle load rating provided on each vehicle is normally located on a tag in the door jamb of the driver's side door. Generally, three numbers are listed: "GVWR" is the gross weight of the whole vehicle, and "Front GAWR" (front gross axle weight rating) is the front axle rating and "Rear GAWR" is the rear axle rating. The front and rear GAWR are the relevant ones for the weight restriction limit in this case.

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