Letter: For the most part, our election system works

Posted: Sunday, November 12, 2000

I guess reading the article "Is this a wake-up call" (Empire, Nov. 8) was the final straw for me. I've heard revote, lawsuit, wrongdoing, the list goes on and on. Now we need to dismantle the Electoral College and instead go with the popular vote?

I disagree for the same reasons I feel our forefathers set up our government structure 200 years ago. They made sure each state, no matter its population, got two senators to ensure that smaller states wouldn't be run over by the larger ones. This made sure representation would be equal so that a state with a much smaller population would have as much say in issues that affect it as other states. Just because a city or state has fewer inhabitants is no reason it should suffer the consequences of unequal funding, less response to important issues, and little or no say on matters of importance whether on a statewide or national basis.

I realize the Electoral College has changed over the years due to population growth but to throw it out because a candidate was the popular vote winner and loses the electoral vote is a poor excuse. In this election if Gore is the winner I feel it's a shame, because 20 out of 50 states voted for him and the 30 who didn't are left feeling they didn't have much of a say in the matter. If Bush wins my rational is he carried 30 states which is no small feat.

Maybe the solution would be to have one vote per state and whoever wins the most states is the president. It would ensure that the candidates go to each state and become knowledgeable about it instead of catering to the large population centers to carry the vote for them. One only needs to look at the vote in California, New York, Illinois, and Pennsylvania to see how Gore won the popular vote. I'm not real happy that the person who represents me gets the nod because of fewer than half the states that support him.

So the system isn't perfect but it's what we have been using for 200 years and for the most part it works. What should really get our dander up is when "Clinton Network News" (I mean CNN!) gives Florida or any state to a candidate before its polls close and to make matters worse project the winner before the West Coast is done voting.

John Mielke


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