Grateful after enlightened by Art

Posted: Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Art Chance's excellent ad hominem critique (Empire, Nov. 11) truly put me in my place! What a marvelous piece. I would advise every sold-out Republican ex-hippie to compare it and my former piece and laugh at my silly inferiority and my idealistic uninformed "pretty pink behind," which he seemed so fond of mentioning.

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Now I will go, enlightened by his marvelously coherent, clever thoughts, and spend the rest of my life being grateful for the opportunities of freedom I've been presented with, joining the crowds of cynical burn-outs that would write a piece like that to the rich hippie babies in school.

Since Art, in his critique of my misguided piece is clearly the manifestation of pure creative talent solidified by experience, wisdom and self-awareness, then I guess I can only hope to rise to his level someday. In some small way, his particular kind of response almost makes me feel grateful for my ignorance, although I do wonder why someone so advanced would bother responding to the stupidity of a child.

Oh yeah, Art, I don't live on campus, and, sadly, my 92 percent hearing loss prevents me from joining the military at all. Hope we never argue on the street, because I won't understand a thing you say. It'll probably be too advanced for my "pretty head" anyway.

Chris Behnke


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