Raise money with ORV riding area

Posted: Wednesday, November 12, 2003

The lost tax revenues on not having a place to ride off-road vehicles (motorcycles and three-wheelers) is an example of selfishness and waste. A few people did not like people riding ORVs, so it became illegal to ride in Juneau. So now three businesses that I know of do not sell ORVs anymore. Two hundred average ORVs cost $1 million and 200 good ORVs cost $2 million. That's lost taxes. You have to register ORVs. That's lost taxes. ORVs use fuel. That's lost taxes.

Most snowmobiles on the backs of trucks were bought out of town and a lot of them will be riding out of town because of limited snowmobile riding areas that are hard to get to. In the winter people go to Haines and Whitehorse to ride there and stay in their hotels. People from Haines and Whitehorse should be coming here.

There are many activities that Juneau supports that are fine sports, but they have required my tax money with little return to the city because they are inexpensive sports that do not generate taxes from sales, service and support. The city could easily generate more taxes by opening a vacant lot for ORV use. The city owes it to the taxpayers to use its resources to responsibly generate revenue and the city owes the ORV riders that have been wanting to ride in their hometown.

ORV ridding is one of the most expensive sports the average person is willing to spend money on. An ORV riding area would create the demand for sales, service and support of ORV riding in Juneau, which in turn would generate tax revenue for the city with little or no investment of tax dollars.

Cal C. Giordano


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