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Posted: Friday, November 12, 2004

If it's religion that drives you to live your life based on a code of morality, then be driven. If it's a sense of the innate worthiness of humans that drives you to live morally, then be driven.

If you voted for morality, and your candidate won last week, then get busy: making sure that you live your life morally, that your elected officials follow the letter of the law, and that those less fortunate than you are well-provided for.

If you voted for morality and your candidate will not be swearing in to the highest office in the land, then get busy: working for social justice and creating an equitable system to provide for those who are less able to provide for themselves, by whatever means available.

If you believe in morality, find common ground with others who share that belief. Not everyone has to eat organic vegetables, wear recycled fleece, drive an SUV, be against abortion, in favor of same-sex marriage, pro-development, anti-gun, divorced, remarried, or socially inept to believe the same way you do on at least one issue.

Issues are controversial by definition. Democracy is a discussion of controversy, a process by which people make decisions. Let's get some democracy going again in our country. Stop bashing the other guys because they disagree with you. Find something you agree on, and work together. Work hard. Life is short. Time is fleeting.

Jenifer Shapland


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