Don Young eats crow

Posted: Sunday, November 12, 2006

"I think a lot of people are going to be extremely disappointed on the other side Wednesday," Young said at his campaign headquarters. "If not, you know, I can live with it. I've been there before. I was 22 years in the minority, I can be in the minority again. Because I'm just as effective there as I am in the majority.

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"But it's going to give me a great deal of pleasure on Wednesday to say I told you so," he added.

The above are quotes by Don Young in the Empire the day before the election. My guess is Don Young did not experience a great deal of pleasure on Wednesday. Once again Don Young's condescension and arrogance rear their ugly heads. He thinks he will be just as effective in the minority as he was in the majority? Does he truly believe the Democrats have not been offended by his condescension, arrogance and outrageous antics while he was in the majority? That guy is unbelievable.

Charley Larson


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